DeWalt 18-Volt Cordless Jig Saw ImageHello, and welcome to A1 Cordless Power Tools. You'll find both auctions of used cordless power tools, as well as listings of new tools.

In our many years of experience with power tools, and specifically cordless power tools, that it's often a wise move to look to the used market when purchasing cordless power tools. This is especially true when purchasing tools that will be used only occasionally. Most of the major power hand-tool manufacturers have been making tools for many decades and the state-of the-art is extremely high.Makita 18V Cordless Drill Image

One major drawback to cordless power tools from the beginning until not too long ago was poor battery life. This wasn't a design or manufacturing problem, but the advanced battery technologies of today just didn't exist - most notably Lithium-Ion.

The modern cordless power tools being made by the large companies that have been around for many, many years, such as DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Makita, Skil, Bosch, Craftsman and others are of the highest quality. With many decades of developing highly reliable, precision electric motors, switches that stand up to a huge number on/off cycles, cases that are practically indestructible, as well as other quality components, the modern cordless power tool is built to last indeed.Porter Cable 19.2 Volt Ni-Cad Cordless Circular Saw Image

So, if you're a carpenter or other tradesman that will put your tools to heavy. nearly daily use, you may find it worth the money to purchase your cordless tools new. However, if you're a weekend handyman that will use your tools relatively little, you it could make sense to save hundreds of dollars on a combo kit, and still have a great set of cordless power tools that could very well last you a lifetime.